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Healing & Miracles

How God saved my family and Healed Major back surgeries



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Norman’s finacial situation looked grim. He had put all his savings into two clothing stores he had part interest in, and the stores were in debt $60,000.

Norman watched our television program and heard me say that he could make a vow and expect God to supply the funds. I said to vow something that took faith so he called in and vowed $5,000.

In two weeks Norman recieved a $114 refund on an insurance premium. $500 came in later from an IRS refund.

The city bought some property of his for $36,000.

“I had been claiming Proverbs 6:31…that the thief had to return seven times what had been taken from me” – Norman said.

At this point Norman wanted to double his vow to an additional $10,000, but his wife was skeptical. he prayed that the Lord would show her that the Word worked.

Almost immediately Norman’s wife got a dividend check for almost $400.

More land was sold and Norman’s commission was almost $5,000.

Norman also sold a car that he had wanted to sell for some time.

Norman was able to pay the $5,000 and his wife made another vow of $60,000 debt. His total debts are paid down to $3,500.

A few months ago Norman and his wife made another vow of $10,000. They were expecting God to do great things. They have already paid $2,500 on that vow. They recently recieved unexpected checks for $3,300 and $4,000.

They are now baptized in the Holy Spirit and most of all, born again.

Source: Robert Tilton’s book Titled: God’s Miracle Plan for Man.

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Healing & Miracles

I dont meet traffic on the road whenever I pray Through faith



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In England we drive on the left-hand side of the road and whenever we have to turn right we have to cross both lanes. Sometimes there is a constant stream of traffic coming from both directions.

I have learnt to pray and ask for a gap for me to get out. It always works within seconds of me praying! I have even proved it to people by deliberately not praaying and having to wait and then praying and a place opens almost straigh way!

Source: Trevor Newport’s book Titled: Absolute Faith.

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Healing & Miracles

20 years menstrual problem Healed



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Rebecca has had severe menstrual problems for the last 20 years. She has undergone two sureries and had tumors removed from her ovaries. She has been to specialists from canada to the southern United States, but found no relief for the problem.

Recently, Rebecca found herself hemorrhaging almost to death. Her husband’s legs needed healing. They needed money. Rebecca’s dental lab business needed an increase in volume.

Rebecca and her husband also had a desire to start a decorative room divider business.

One day, while Rebecca was watching our daily television progrm, I had a word for someone with an ongoing female problem. I instructed that person to put their hand over mine on the screen and be healed. Within five minutes the blood flow stopped.

Afterwards I said, “Someone needs to give $1,000.” Rebecca called in her vow of $1,000 and sent $250 that day for her healing.

The next day, Rebecca increased her $1,000 pledge to $5,000.

One week after increasing her pledge, Rebecca’s husband receievd a raise that was completely unexpected. Since then he has received another raise and a bonus.

>> Rebecca’s lab work has increased.

>> Her husband’s legs are healed.

>> Rebecca and her husband have started a decorative room divider business.

>> Rebecca is healed and has normal menstrual cycles for the first time in 20 years.

Glory to God!

Source: Robert Tilton’s book Titled: God’s Miracle Plan for Man.

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Financial & Favour

Miracle Job, Great Healing, Financial Miracle and Marriage Restored



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Financial problems had created a lot of stress in Sandra’s marriage. She had moved from Michigan to California, but couldn’t make it in California. Very discouraged, she had a fight with her husband. Then she and her two children spent some time sleeping in their car; they were really down and out. So she moved back in with her husband just to have a place to stay.

She was backslidden, rebellious, hardened, and brokenhearted.

Although she had better job qualifictions, she was working for minimum wage. Then one day she watched our daily television program. “The power of God became so strong I couldn’t move in my chair,” Sandra said.

She started listening to our program on a daily basis.

>> Even though her heart was so hardened, it began to soften.

>> Life began to come into her being.

>> Her hurt spirit began to mend.

>> Her broken heart was healed.

>> The spirit of rebellion was broken because of the anointing

>> Her spirit became teacheable.

Then one day she watched me eat a peach on the program as an object lesson; and she saw that the peach seed had produced a sweet hrvest. That captured her attention and she really began to listen; then she believed she should make a vow for her marriage and a better job.

Sandra had applied at a major ice cream company for a supervisory position, but they hired someone else. She stood firm with her vow. The ice cream company called her back; the personnel manager said her name “just kept coming up.” They were going to open up a new store and wanted to hire her in a management position! She now has 40 people working for her…and her income has tripled! This came because she learned the the blessing of being obedient.

>> Since then, Sandra has bought nice new car, and her husband has received two raises.

>> Their marriage is much better than it has ever been.

>> Additionally, God has healed Sandra’s daughter.

When the little girl was one year old, a trunk fell on her head and severed her tongue. The plastic surgeon sewed it back on, but she had no control of the tongue and could only make sounds. The doctor reported that she would not ever be able to talk. Her parents had never heard her call them “Daddy” or “Mommy”.

One day on the daily television program, I was praying for people in the Name of Jesus. I asked people to lay their hands on the television screen; so Sandra placed her little daughter’s hands on the screen. As I was praying, the power of God went into that little child and healed and loosed that tongue! Now she talks normally because Sandra was willing and obedient to believe the word of God!

Praise God!

Source: Robert Tilton’s book Titled: God’s Miracle Plan for Man.

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